Appreciation wins everytime for marketer!


My business brain is always looking at things in terms of cost, profits, margins, expenses, systems, overhead, etc. Every time I check my mail this is how I sort it and every time I do, the same thoughts go through my mind. 

The pile on the left is tens of thousands of dollars worth of marketing & advertising in hopes that it will get opened and used to increase sales. 

The cost for all that advertising is typically added into the price that they charge their customers for the product or service that they sell. It's getting harder and harder to reach customers these days which means companies have to do more and more forms of advertising which drives up the price even more. 

I personally don't open or read any of that mail on the left, it goes straight in the HUGE trash bin in our mail room that is filled to the top with all that expensive marketing and advertising that we the customers pay for. 

The pile on the RIGHT all gets opened and read because it appears to be a greeting card or invitation to something and that touches our heart and emotions. There is nothing in the left pile that is emotional or tied to the heart to make their customers say "Awe, this is the nicest thing they've ever done for me" or "Wow, that was so nice of them to spend all that money to send that to me". The pile on the right is called appreciation marketing & relationship marketing

Those cards and gifts get opened and read 100% of the time. They are also from businesses and business owners. This type of marketing is attractive because it's filled with appreciation, love and kindness vs sales. This is one of the main ways I built my salons to have 16,000 clients and be in the top 100 fastest growing salons in the country. I sent appreciation and gratitude cards to my clients which meant my message was attractive and received in a heart felt way versus unopened and thrown in the trash. And then when my customers did get my marketing & advertising pieces in the mail they would open them vs trash them. 

Are you one of those on the LEFT?  As those people on the left start doing this type of marketing they are able to drastically cut back on their marketing and advertising costs which increases their profit margins because they reach their customers hearts faster and sooner which creates loyalty and thats where referrals come from. It is also less expensive so they dont have to raise prices.

Listen to how many of my clients have made the shift and what its done for their businesses and then let me help you. find the profession closest to yours and check out how their business has grown and changed.!936

when you want to check it out I am here to help you get started.
Enjoy and be emotional.

and -(this originated  from a friend of mine Darla DiGrandi)