Mindset and thoughts are everything in our lives

Ever heard-what you think about becomes your truth?  or What you think about you bring about?

There are many ways to say this but it all means the same thing....

The thoughts we focus on most will become our reality.

Those statements and science show that Mindset and Thoughts are extremely important.

If you are reading this you might be saying to your self-No shit Deborah I know that, tell or show me something new. Or you could be thinking-Really? never knew this.

Either way I have a treat for you.
A FREE course, yes I said FREE.
no matter if you have heard this before or new everyone can learn and get something from this.
It is 7 weeks long. It starts slowly building your 'brain' muscle and then picks up a little speed/momentum.

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or

Ever have those moments you wish your life were different, but don’t know how to get there or what to change?

Notice that Life seems to have the control and not you?
I felt the same way until I Listened to the book-You are A Badass, How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, by Jen Sincero, I realized I needed to actually take some action beyond just listening or reading a book for my life to actually change.
This time I wanted make it stick (retrain my brain), become more permanent (fill in the pieces), reaching my goals and dreams (creating time for family, enjoyment)-instead of continuing to dream about most of them and let life take me where it wanted me to go.
These action steps, as I call them, reprogram your brain, change your mindset, explain how thoughts control our actions, and how we can take steps to control those thoughts. 

I invite you on this exciting journey with me over the next 7 weeks and see what manifests in your life. 
I hope you are in for the Ride of your Life. Get ready, Hang on and Let’s go make changes, Reach our goals and dreams.
Live the life YOU design and desire not just go through life and take what we get. Be in control of your "ride"