Why you should "Send Cards"

So let's talk about one of the biggest, most exciting changes in my life...

​Sending Cards is a HUGE part of my journey, transformation and growth in SO-So many ways.

It all started, long long ago, ok maybe not that long ago, but it feels like it me.

A person I met at a business event shared the idea of sending cards to grow my busniess. Later she shared the system/tool and after I EXPERIENCED sending a heart felt card, wholly mackerel (and I am not really a fish person).
I saw how this could grow my business, create keepsakes of special moments, bring family, friends and relationships closer, I was HOOKed (line and sinker). 

I knew the importance of sending a thank you note, Thanks mom...she 'made me' when I was little to send a card to my grandmother thanking her for the gifts, even though I just said so on the phone.  My mom told me it was not about me it was about making my grams feel special and know how much I truly loved the gifts.  I remember visiting my grams (in Florida), and she had all those thank notes saved. How's that for a great feeling. Glad I learned that lesson!

Thank you cards were talked about in business books I listened to or heard quotes from, especially Joe Girards book 'How to sell anything to anybody'. How he grew his car sales by just referrals, all due to sending thank you notes. From a Freaky Thank you note-he became the #1 cars sales, I think ever. WE should all follow his example. (hence my sharing).

My company makes it simple, fun and easy- NOW with the smart phone it can be done almost anywhere instantly. I send about 2-5 cards a day, yes per DAY, ok I might have a little addiction issue but it’s a good one.After my massage patient leaves, I grab my phone and quickly send them a card-I appreciate you, Thanks for your business, Glad we are making progress, what ever my brain says they need to hear, then I get ready for the next patient.

I send 

A person might pop into my head 
  • While in the shower, 
  • At Shopping
  • on the Beach
  • On Vacation
  • On Facebook
I can  then download some pics, upload them into the soc app, write my msg-hit send and off it goes. 
Now here's the BEST part, are you sitting down, holding your breathe waiting? 

This is new school stuff--the COMPANY Prints, stuffs, stamps and sends your card-for you.

Aren't you impressed-now this is really something that needs to be EXPERIENCED so try it yourself. Click HERE to get first hand EXPERIENCE of sending a card.

Many times I get emails, texts, etc saying thanks for the card. Here are 2 recent ones.

I sent a patient a card with her kid who just go engaged, who were visiting from out of state- she sent me a text= "I just got your card in the mail!!! Thank you so much!!  Made my heart happy."  The picture is the inside of the card-from her FB post.

Another person had just lost her cat to illness, she posted pics on her fb-I downloaded the cutest, uploaded into a card-she FB msg'd me="Deb thanks so much for the beautiful card. It's going to be hung up right in my office where I can see it every day. You are so thoughtful."

It really is the little things that make peoples day. I find I am now looking for reasons to make people smile- I told you it can be addicting.

This shows I helped make somes day brighter= they smiled.  I felt great sending the card=I smile, and then I get to smile again knowing I helped improve their day, even if just for a little while. they always arrive when needed.

My heart sings knowing that making my and someones elses day a little brighter is possible with MAILbox love.
It is a win-win, how can you beat that?  I learned a long time ago (as Phoebe in friends said-"there is no such thing as a selfless deed" Own it and enjoy it.

SOC is a fabulous referral marketing tool for BUSINESS: Relationship Marketing
  • create customer loyalty, 
  • stay top of mind, 
  • get noticed,
  • build stronger relationships with customers and employees, vendors, anyone anywhere.
Use it as your business card- get their address, take their pic (upload and put on front of card) and send them a card from your business with all your contact information-believe me they wont forget you, nor loose your business card in the bottom of a purse or pocket. Make them smile. 
I heard, and don’t recall where the following:

"people don’t remember what you say, 
they don't remember what you do 
but they will remember 
how you make them feel"

so make them feel good, about you and themselves.

Check out these 'stories' from other business owners and how it works for them.

On a PERSONAL level sending cards can be very healing for those depressed or grieving. It is uplifting when you are focused on others. A MUST EXPERIENCE yourself, so Send a Card
Your first card is on my dime-Now how can you resist free?

Sending cards with a heart felt message and/or picture can 
  1. Strengthen relationships,
  2. Rekindle old friendships,
  3. Repair damaged/hurt feelings
  4. Create tangible memories of events like: 
    • weddings, 
    • graduations, 
    • babies, (pics of cards) 
    • you name it.
Reasons to make someone else's day never gets old. MAILbox love abounds. So much better and worth the trip to the mail box than just getting stinkin bills. Think about when you get your mail, when you peruse through it--what do you open first?  CARDS of course.
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